6600 Trenton -Franklin Road

Middletown, OH 45042


Poasttown School

When You Leave You Believe!

When You Leave, You Believe!


From the moment you enter the hallowed halls of the old Poasttown Elementary School many are reminded that you are not alone. Many energies still roam the hallways of Poasttown. We invite you to come and investigate and find out who will come to visit with you during the night.


Check the calendar and schedule your investigation date before it is gone!


Investigate the old school and get your own evidence. Click above to see what others have shared!


Join us at one of the many events that take place at Poasttown throughout the year! 


Plan to spend the night. You may rent our comfortable room for an additional cost!

Poasttown School

Historic Poasttown School in MIddletown, Ohio

Poasttown Elementary sits in the quiet background of Middletown, Ohio. As you drive up to the school it’s quite apparent that you will not spend your evening here alone. The air often feels heavy, and just around the bend of the hallways, you wonder if someone is watching you. Audible voices often carry through the hallway, and residual sounds and whistles are either caught by EVP or heard audibly. The school was dedicated in 1937 and had a long run until 2000. Although the staff have all left, many say that class is still in session behind these doors…

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